How does Autopay work? 

All “AmberGO” toll booths on the A1 highway have cameras that are able to recognize the license plate number of an approaching vehicle, compare it with the Autopay database and, if the number has been added in the system, raise the barrier. The system collects the toll amount from the payment card linked to the Autopay account.

The whole process takes only a few seconds.

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How to use Autopay?

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Use our mobile app or website.

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Activate your account

Create a new account or log in with your information. Add your vehicle and payment card information.

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Choose a toll booth marked “AmberGO”. Approach the barrier as usual and the system will recognize the license plate, process the payment in the background, and raise the barrier.

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Where do automatic payments work?

You can use the automatic payments when you travel from Gdańsk to Toruń (or Toruń to Gdańsk).

The system recognizes all Polish and some European license plates for all car types.


Can several cars be added to one account?

Yes. You can add as many cars or payment cards as you want.

How much does Autopay cost?

Both the app and the automatic payments for the A1 and A4 highway tolls are free. There is no cost to you except the collected toll.

Can several people add the same vehicle?

No. If you enter a license plate number for a vehicle, you cannot add it on another device with the app. Please remember that when you go through the toll collection lane you don’t need to have your smartphone with you. If a friend or a family member uses your car and drives through an Autopay-enabled toll booth, your card will be charged with the toll. Payment records are available in the app user panel.

Can I receive an invoice for my Autopay payments?

Yes. Simply add invoicing information in your user panel and indicate whether you would like to receive invoices after each transaction or once a month (one collective invoice). Your invoices will be available in the Autopay administration panel.

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