We have prepared an instant payment system based on license plate identification: videotolling. Now, at the A4 highway A4 Katowice-Kraków mtoll collection plazas the barriers are raised automatically without the need to install any additional devices in the vehicle. 

The Autopay app allows the driver to register the vehicle in the database and link the license plate number to a credit or payment card. The license plate is read automatically at the toll booth. The payment is collected with no need for interaction from the driver, and you don’t need to stop the car as the barrier is raised automatically as well. This solution is designed to help both regular travelers and those who use the A4 Katowice – Kraków highway occasionally to go on vacation or a mini-break.

Videotolling makes toll collectionthree times as fastas the standard systems as the estimated throughput for the Autopay system is three times faster. Your good mood depends on you: more automatic payments mean less waiting at the toll collection plazas..

How to use Autopay?

Aplikacja mobilna


Use our mobile app or website.

Aplikacja mobilna

Activate your account

Create a new account or log in with your bm.pl information. Add your vehicle and payment card information.

Aplikacja mobilna


Choose a specially marked collection lane and booth (a black camera on a yellow background).Approach the barrier as usual and the system will recognize the license plate, process the payment in the background, and raise the barrier.

Znak informujący, że bramka obsługuje płatność automatyczną - Videotolling lane symbol

Ilustracja przedstawiająca bramki oznaczone A4 GO

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Fast toll collection

at the specially marked lanes and gates

Immediate payment

without any additional activities, such as opening the window, paying with a card or cash

No lines

for the specially marked lanes

Transaction and travel

information available on your Autopay account

One invoice for several company

fares without collecting and settling receipts


Can several cars be added to one account?

Yes. You can add as many cars or payment cards as you want.

Can I receive an invoice for my Autopay payments?

Yes. Simply add invoicing information in your user panel and indicate whether you would like to receive invoices after each transaction or once a month (one collective invoice). Your invoices will be available in the Autopay administration panel.

How much does Autopay cost?

Both the app and the automatic payments for the A1 and A4 highway tolls are free. There is no cost to you except the collected toll.

Can several people add the same vehicle?

No. If you enter a license plate number for a vehicle, you cannot add it on another device with the app. Please remember that when you go through the toll collection lane you don’t need to have your smartphone with you. If a friend or a family member uses your car and drives through an Autopay-enabled toll booth, your card will be charged with the toll. Payment records are available in the app user panel.

Price list

Toll rates* valid from April 3, 2023


1 motorbikes PLN 7 -
1 two-axle road vehicles PLN 15 PLN 13
2 road vehicles with two-axles, of which at least one is equipped with the twin wheel and two-axle road vehicles with trailers PLN 27 PLN 27
3 three-axle road vehicles and two-axle road vehicles of which at least one is equipped with the twin wheel with trailers PLN 27 PLN 27
4 road vehicles with more than three axles and three-axle road vehicles with trailers, road vehicles with more than three axles with trailers PLN 46 PLN 46
5 vehicles not fitting the 1-4 categories, whose diameters, axle load or weight exceed the norms specified in the road traffic regulations PLN 46 PLN 46

*The above mentioned tolls are collected at every Toll Plaza, i.e. in Mysłowice and Balice and comprise of half of the toll for travel on the whole section of the A4 Katowice-Kraków.

The A4 Katowice-Kraków motorway is not and will not be covered by the new Electronic Toll Collection System e-Toll and e-Toll on-board devices or the e-Toll mobile application cannot be used on this motorway section.