Aplikacja mobilna

The Autopay system has been implemented on the A1 and A4 (Katowice – Kraków) highways in Poland.

Just save your vehicle information and personal information, add an active payment card – that’s it!

You can use the mobile app (for iOS or Android phones) or our website. A few minutes now will save you hours later. Next time choose toll collection lanes and booths marked AmberGO (A1 highway) or with a black camera on a yellow background (A4).

The system will identify your license plate, raise the barrier, and automatically collect the payment from your card.

Download the app and enjoy a seamless journey with no traffic jams! And off you go!

Reach your destination without worrying about toll payments

Aplikacja mobilna


Use our mobile app or website.

Aplikacja mobilna

Activate your account

Create a new account or log in with your bm.pl information. Add your vehicle and payment card information.

Aplikacja mobilna


Choose the specially marked toll collection lanes and booths, such as the ones marked “AmberGO” or with a black camera on a yellow background. Simply approach the barrier as usual and the payment will be processed automatically.

Both the app and the automatic payments are free. The only cost is the collected toll.

Automatic payments are 100% secure

Autopay was created by Blue Media, a company that has been delivering technology solutions for the finance sector in Poland since 1999.

All information entered in the app stays safe and all transactions are secured with the SSL protocol.

Only you get to decide which vehicles to add in the administration panel. Each vehicle can only be added to one user account. When you go through the toll booth you don’t need to have your smartphone with you as the system will recognize the license plate anyway.

Aplikacja mobilna
Aplikacja mobilna

No more waiting at the toll booths

Simply select a specially marked lane and booth, such as the ones marked “AmberGO” or with a black camera on a yellow background. The system will recognize the license plate, process the payment in the background, and raise the barrier. The whole process will only take a few seconds!

The system works in both directions on the following highway sections:

  • Toruń - Gdańsk (A1)
  • Katowice - Kraków (A4)

Autopay is the remedy for the Polish drivers’ nightmare: never-ending toll booth lines. From now on, you can simply enjoy your ride and forget long lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Autopay work?

When you register an Autopay account, you become an active user and are able to access all features. On the A1 highway (Toruń – Gdańsk) use the AmberGO toll booths, and on the A4 highway (Katowice –Kraków) use the toll booths with a black camera symbol on a yellow background. At these toll booths, the system will identify your license plate, change the traffic light signal from red to green, and raise the barrier automatically. When you leave the A1 and A4 highways, use the specially marked toll booths as well, and the payment will be automatically collected from the card linked to your account. Don’t wait in lines, use Autopay!

Is Autopay free?

Yes. Your only cost is the highway toll for the AmberOne A1 highway (Toruń – Gdańsk) or the A4 highway (Katowice – Kraków). The fee is the same as in the case of traditional payment methods.

Which types of vehicles is the system designed for?

Autopay is designed for all vehicles (categories 1, 2, 2a, 3, 4, and 5). Motorcycles are excluded.

Where can I use Autopay?

The Autopay system is active on all entry and exit toll collection lanes the AmberOne A1 (Toruń – Gdańsk) and A4 (Katowice – Kraków) highways.

Autopay users

When I used Autopay for the first time I was a bit worried it might not work correctly but I needn’t have been. It took me a few seconds to go past the toll booths with no waiting in lines.

John Schillaci

All I can say is I can’t wait until all drivers use Autopay! You just whizz past the toll booths.

Russell Dann

I am always eager to test technological innovations, so as soon as I heard about Autopay, I wanted to check it out because I travel from Toruń to Gdańsk several days a week. The application works flawlessly and I can save at least several minutes each time. Highly recommended.

Christopher Colton