About Autopay

Autopay Europe is a cutting-edge system for fast and automatic payments utilising a mobile application along-side vehicle registration plates and identification devices located at toll stations. It allows customers to pay for the selected service safely and conveniently while saving time, energy and natural resources.

The best option worldwide, and with the biggest number of users, Autopay offers not only the highest quality, but also the most convenient and fastest payments. Its automatic and frictionless payments benefit highways, petrol stations, electric chargers, parking lots, restaurants and more. It's ideal for people that commute, travel across borders, drive heavy vehicles or use autonomous cars.

Where Autopay delivers the most value


Autopay has been operating on three Polish motorways (A1, A2 and A4) for a year and is the first system in Europe to use video tolling technology for the electronic collection of toll gate payments on such a large scale. Over 1 800 000 travelers have already used the solution and they not only saved time but also reduced CO2 emissions and lowered the use of paper needed to print tickets and bills.


The Autopay mechanism can be successfully used in a number of other places, such as carparks in shop-ping malls or places with increased tourist traffic. It speeds up customer service, alongside controlling the current number of visitors, which translates into greater revenue control and effective parking space man-agement.

petrol station

Autopay can also be used at petrol stations and as a payment method for using electric car chargers. Automatic payment acceptance in such places significantly reduces the waiting time for service, relieves employees and increases customer satisfaction. Our mission is to create the entire ecosystem for "automatic payment by car", where registration numbers serve as a tool to complete the transaction - just like a payment card or smartphone.


Transnational European automatic payment system.

We took up the challenge of creating an automatic payment system that will be suitable for all European Union countries at the same time.

Miłosz Kurzawski,
Board Member of Autopay

Bartłomiej Gast,
Board Member of Autopay


Autopay is not only a seamless payment option, but also:


The solution meets the highest security standards. User data is stored and protected in accordance with the latest European law (GDPR) and each trans-action is secured by SSL proto.


While creating this solution, we utilised resources, i.e. smartphones and ubiq-uitous monitoring systems, instead of producing additional accessories and wasting more natural resour.


The Autopay application is available for smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. Owners of all vehi-cles in categories 1 to 5 can use the automatic payments - except for mo-torcycles.

environmentally friendly

A 6-minute stop in a traffic jam in front of a toll station results, on average, in 0.2l of fuel burned, which translates into 0.5 kg emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 15 million jour-neys without getting stuck in traffic prevents as much as 7.5 million kg of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. All of this is saved thanks to automatic payments.


2020 has shown us how important mutual care, responsibility and compli-ance with social distance recommen-dations are. The opportunity to pay for the journey without the use of cash or a card turned out to be extremely helpful during this time and saved travelers a lot of stress. Being aware of the threat of the next health crisis in the near future, we strive to extend the reach of Autopay to the whole of Europe and thereby eliminate at least one factor that may significantly con-tribute to the spread of the epidemic.

The security of payments is guaranteed by Blue Media

Blue Media is a technology company from Sopot, Poland, that provides modern solutions in the area of electronic payments, which are used by both individual and business clients, including banks, insurers, lenders, online stores and institutions representing the public sector. The company's mission is to facilitate, streamline and accelerate daily activities with innovative and easy-to-use tools. Blue Media S.A. has been on the market since 1999


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