More than 1 800 000 drivers already use Autopay

What is Autopay?

Autopay is a cutting-edge system for fast and automatic payments created in 2019 to speed up payments for services that we use every day, such as motorways, parking lots, and car washes.

Autopay meets the highest safety standards

Blue Media S.A. is a national payment institution supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Each Autopay transaction is secured with the SSL protocol.

Blue Media, which is a national payment institution supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, guarantees payment security.

The mission of Autopay is to facilitate payments people make each day in the virtual and the real world.



Peace of mind

Modern yet user-friendly tools to better manage your home finances.


Friendly innovations

Advanced solutions that are intuitive and easy to use.



Various types of transactions, from highways tools to parking and car wash services.


Safety guarantee

The safety of all transactions is guaranteed: we comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and use the latest technologies.

Benefits of Autopay

More time for your loved ones

When your bills are paid automatically or when you can pay them within seconds instead of toiling with them, you can save some of the precious time which you can then spend on something really worthwhile.

More time for yourself

We believe that by pursuing happiness and personal development you can make everyone around you feel better. This is why we are committed to helping you overcome obstacles and fulfill everyday needs – so you can simply take care of yourself.

More life in life

We create innovative solutions but always remember to maintain a healthy balance. We do not create a world of new technologies – we create a world of people who, by using new technologies, make their lives better.

Aplikacja mobilna

Find out how to use Autopay

Using Autopay is as easy as pie. Just add your vehicle and card information (for toll booth payment) in the system!

You can either:

  • download the mobile app (iOS or Android)
  • or use the Autopay website to register an account.

As soon as you provide your personal information you will be able to drive through all toll collection lanes on the A1 (AmberOne) highway (Toruń – Gdańsk) and the A4 highway (Katowice – Kraków). All you need to do is slow down and stop for a few seconds for the system to identify the vehicle and raise the barrier so you can pass through.

The system has been implemented on the A1 and A4 highways in Poland. Our goal is to offer this option on other highways as well.

Download the app

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add your vehicle information, and enjoy driving without waiting in line at the toll booths.

About Autopay Mobility – company that created Autopay

Autopay Mobility is a technology company that provides modern solutions in the field of electronic payments. The company's flagship product is the Autopay application, which enables automatic payments for A1 and A4 Katowice-Kraków motorways. The solution is currently used by over 410,000 users (as of December 2020), of which 18% signed up via the internet or mobile banking.